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Energy Efficient Windows

All windows are not created equal, and there are many reasons to carefully consider the best windows for your home. At the top of this list is energy efficiency. The right windows can help to insulate and protect your home, allowing less heat to escape, and lowering your energy bill in the process. Additionally, it’s important to choose windows that will last.

Double Pane vs. Single Pane windows.

When looking at new or replacement windows, one of the first options you’ll be given is double pane or single pane windows. What’s the difference between these? A single pane window is just as it sounds: a single layer of glass. Single pane windows can be adequate, and for those on a budget are often the economical choice. However, glass on its own is not sufficient insulation. Because of this, a single pane window can allow heat (or cold!) to escape, making temperature regulation more difficult. The single pain window also does not insulate against noise, so those living in a loud neighborhood may find this a deficient choice. When compared to a double pain window, it can be sufficient for those in a mild climate and quiet area, that are looking to spend less.

Double pane windows are windows made of two side-by-side layers of glass. These glass panes have a small gap of air between them, which serves as a natural insulation for the home. The air between the panes of glass traps the heat and cold trying to leave and enter the house, and helps regulate your home’s temperature. Double pane windows have been shown to save up to 24% in energy spent on heating and cooling. Additionally, the double pane window provides an extra layer of insulation against noise. Those living in a busy area will appreciate the more quiet home this brings. Naturally, the double pane window comes at a higher cost, but for most homeowners is worth the investment when considering the energy savings and quality of living that comes with.

When choosing between the two, here’s our checklist for consideration:


Do I live in a mild or volatile climate? How often during the year do I use my air conditioning and heater? What have my past power bills been like? What kinds of savings would I be looking at if I cut those down by a fifth or sixth? Does it get extremely windy and stormy here? Do I find myself opening the windows a lot during the summer, to let the fresh air in? All of these questions will give you an idea of the kind of temperature regulation you desire in your new or replacement windows.


Is my neighborhood safe? Is it quiet or loud? Do I live near a busy road, or ever hear cars at night? Do my neighbors stay up late, or party often? Am I worried about pollution in the air, and do I know what the air quality in my neighborhood is like? Do I have lots of plants and trees around me? In taking into consideration the environment your home is in, you can evaluate how important insulation for noise and pollution purposes is to you.

Size of Job

How many windows am I adding or replacing, and what kinds of windows do I have currently? If new construction, what will be the cost of better windows against the cost of energy savings down the line? If replacement windows, what kinds of windows do I currently have? Am I willing to replace all of them, or just a couple? It’s important to note that if you currently have single pane windows, in order to reap the full benefits that double pane windows can offer, you need to consider replacing all windows in a room, floor or home. Are you willing and able to replace all the windows in your home?

Any upgrade you make to your home should be considered an investment, both financial and in your lifestyle. The comfort and safety of you and your family will impact your quality of life, and every decision you make in your home becomes a part of that. When choosing windows, it’s important to carefully evaluate what’s important to you, what you need, and what you can afford. We’re available to help you make this decision when you’re ready!

Did you know that you don’t have to replace your window frames if your window has failed? City Glass can replace JUST the glass for you, saving a great deal of money when compared to replacing the frames. Don’t replace your entire frame! Call City Glass and we’ll be happy to provide an estimate on glass replacement only.

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