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When choosing a commercial glass for your storefront, consider what these doors or windows need to do. Are they functional or cosmetic? Do you need people to see through to the inside, or do you or your clients want a little privacy? And definitely, all the best commercial glass for storefront usage should be safe.

Industrial Glass Tips

You should also think about the amount of privacy your commercial space needs. If you're installing glass for a retail store, you don’t always need privacy, as the clients need to see all your amazing products. If you're starting a health spa, your clients will likely need a bit more privacy in the waiting room.

Clear Glass Clear

glass is the best choice if you wish to flip passersby into clients. This type of glass lets you display your goods for outsiders to see. Additionally, it is an excellent option for a company that desires to make a bright, inviting ambiance, like an ice cream parlor or retail store.

Frosted/Tinted Glass

In case your company takes a higher degree of privacy, frosted, or tinted glass may be the best way to go. Privacy glass allows natural light, but your clients are given a comforting quantity of privacy. Frosted or tinted glass is usually utilized in commercial areas like dental offices or spas. Frosted glass also allows you to add originality with etching and design. Durability For most storefronts, glass needs to be durable. You've plenty of clients walking through your doors, or so the glass ought to be able to withstand high traffic.

Security Glass should be a top priority when considering the best commercial glass for storefront usage. Normal glass breaks into sharp pieces when broken, which might be dangerous. Accidents happen so that it’s best to go with glass that crumbles instead of shatters:

Security Glass

Security glass is perfect for storefronts, as it doesn’t shatter into sharp pieces. It's an internal or external laminate that holds it together, so pieces don’t go flying. When broken, safety glass looks like a spider web. Tempered Glass Tempered glass is also a very safe option for commercial or storefront usage. It was designed to crumble when broken. The broken pieces of tempered glass have an almost curved, smooth border. This helps prevent injury to any clients that might be in the area.

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