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City Glass & Upholstery is pleased to provide complete storm windows alternatives. City Glass & Upholstery uses the Air-Tite Storm Window System. Air-Tite manufactures one of the largest selections of storm window styles in the U.S. City Glass recommends Air-Tite to you. Give us a call at 253-272-1366 for more information.

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A storm window is installed as an addition to your existing window’s opening. Storm windows are windows that are mounted either inside or outside current windows. A storm window is not a replacement window; your existing windows will stay in place. A storm window augments, or improves, the thermal and noise reduction capabilities of your current windows. They serve as a retrofit on existing windows to keep out the cold or keep in the heat. Storm windows either mounted externally or internally may be permanently or temporarily mounted.

Aside from insulation, storm windows provide an additional measure of protection for homes against glass pane breakage. They work well over leaded windows and stained glass windows that you might not want to move or replace.

Although, storm windows help reduce heat loss, they can’t compete with newer vinyl window systems, but they do offer an economical alternative.

All of our storm windows are custom made in wood or aluminum, picture and opening styles. We specialize in hand-crafting storm windows to accommodate out-of-square and non-standard size openings. Our storm windows are ideal for both weatherizing and noise control of historical, vintage, or modern homes alike without compromising the aesthetic value. Complete your restoration project with one of our storm and screen combination doors.

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Why Would I Want to Buy a Storm Window?

A storm window is purchased in order to provide an air-tight seal for your window opening. This is to reduce drafts, and dust drifting in through any existing cracks, joints, or seams in your current window’s frame. The storm window provides a thermal barrier that prevents both heat from within being lost through the window and cold from the outside being allowed in.

Another reason to purchase a storm window is to protect your home’s glass. This is important to home owners whose homes are of a historical or vintage nature. The Department of Interior’s Historical Preservation Brief Number 9 states “energy conservation is no excuse for the wholesale destruction of historic windows which can be made thermally efficient by historically and aesthetically acceptable means.” The beveled, leaded, or stained glass is protected from environmental hazards, remains cleaner and the critical wood frames which hold the original glass are protected from premature aging/moisture damage, better known as dry rot.

Other reasons to purchase storm windows are: street noise is reduced considerably, your house will remain cooler in the summer months, home security, reductions in city air pollution and soot from entering your home, as well as, dirt, dust, sand and wind storm debris.

Over the last few years many different types of glass have been manufactured to provide the homeowner with ways to manage glare, UV damage to furnishings, and new to the market. By having us build your storm windows using these types of specialty glass, you can still benefit from the luxury without needing to replace your current windows.

Storm windows not only enhance your personal environment, they also add new comfort and security to your home.

What Improvements in the R-Factor Rating Can I Expect?

“Windows are a primary source of heat loss because they are both a poor thermal barrier (R factor of only 0.89) and often a source of air infiltration. Adding storm windows greatly improves these poor characteristics…This will result in a window assembly (window plus storm window) with an R factor of 1.79 which outperforms a double paned window assembly (with an air space up to 1/2″) that only has an R factor of 1.72.”
— Quoted directly from Preservation Brief Number 3, Department of the Interior.
Why Storm Windows Instead of Replacement Windows?

  • Reduces air leaks therefore adding warmth.
  • Adds insulation (heat retention in winter, cooling in summer) and noise control year round.
  • No structural damage to your home.
  • At some point the insulated glass seal will fail in replacement windows. This can be a costly replacement. (Storm windows are not hermetically sealed and therefore do not fail.)
  • Keeps historical homes “Historically Correct,” (you retain your beautiful old windows and heirloom glass).
  • Generally does not require carpentry.
  • Installing replacement windows can take from one to three days.
  • Storm windows can be installed in an afternoon!

City Glass Reviews

City Glass & Upholstery
Rebeka Bentson
Rebeka Bentson
posted 1 year ago

We are beyond thrilled with the product quality and service we received from City Glass. First of all, out of the 3 glass companies we received quotes from, City Glass was the quickest to respond to our request for a quote, quickest to get us a free estimate, the quickest quoted turnaround time and was BY FAR the best price compared to their competitors ($700 less than the closest estimate, and $1000 less than the largest estimate)!

Today their professional installers installed our frameless glass shower door. They were right on time, very courteous, did a fantastic job on the install and it took them less than an hour! We could not be happier or more impressed with our experience with City Glass. We will be sure to refer our friends and family, and will most definitely be City Glass customers for all of our future glass needs.

ismail arslangiray
ismail arslangiray
posted 3 months ago

Great and informative place to do business.

Evan Berns
Evan Berns
posted 1 year ago

Best experience I've had with a glass company. Thank you for the quick and professional service.

Steffani Austin
Steffani Austin
posted 5 years ago

My husband and I decided to take on what we thought was a small bathroom remodel in our master bath at our home and then it turned into a complete overhaul and a bigger project than what we could handle ourselves. A coworker at my office recommended City Glass as they had used them before in the past for new windows and mentioned how great the service was and most of all the price. He suggested giving them a call. I called and set up an appointment, the receptionist asked a very thorough amount of questions to determine what my needs were and set me up with an appointment that week. Two technicians came to my residence and asked me what I was looking for, after I explained my desires they explained to me what would work and what wasn't going to based on the layout of the bathroom. They walked me through step by step what would be the best choice to maximize the space and show off all the other work we've done in there. They took the measurements for the new mirrors and new glass surround for our shower and later that evening I had a price for all the work to be completed. We moved forward with the estimate and within a week I had a two new mirrors and an AMAZINGLY beautiful glass shower surround. I couldn't be happier with the service and product quality I received with City Glass, the staff was always professional over the phone and in my home.