The first thing to do would be to use a prybar to remove the window jamb and trimming extension from around the old window. The jam extension is a length of wood which ’s been ripped down and connected to the window jamb to bring it even with the wall socket.

STEP 2 Remove Old Window/Guide Track Unscrew the window from the jamb and remove it. Take care not to break the glass while eliminating. Many windows will be many window sashes with transferring tracks in the side. Those kinds of windows may be more easy to remove one sash at a time.

STEP 3 Prep/Repair New Window Opening With the window out from the wall, inspect the condition of the window jamb to make sure there’s no injury that is structural. It’s not uncommon for an old window to leak, rotting out the jamb. If there’s damage, you’ll have to replace or fix the damaged regions of the jamb before moving ahead. Besides, you’ll have to measure your rough opening to ensure that it may accommodate your new window. The rough opening should be 1/4” to 3/8” larger than the outside dimensions of the new window.

STEP 4 Inspect/Replace Window Stop The window stop is a length of wood ripped down and placed around the outside side of the window jamb. The function of the stop would be to prevent the window from slipping from the opening. It stops the window from moving. It’s probable that the original stop is still in condition, but if it’s damaged, you may want to fix or replace this as well.

STEP 5 Dry Fit Window Before implementing the before the window stop, dry-fit the window to make sure there are no problems. If you do have problems, address them now and after that fit the window again. When done the window should fit into the opening. Don’t move forward with the setup until you’re pleased with the way the window fits from the opening.

STEP 6 Adding silicone to window border. A man installs a window in this framed region of this home improvement project. Adding cedar chips to beneath part of new window installation to keep things level.

Close to a drill making a hole for a screw in the side of the window. Install Window The actual set up of the window is simple. First, run a bead of silicone on the inner border of the window stop and then slide the window into place. Place a level throughout the top of the window and then press cedar shims between the bottom of the window frame and the jamb as vital to get the window sitting degree. The window will usually come with its own hardware package consisting of four screws that can go throughout the sides of the device to anchor it to the