Railing Testimonial

ClearView Testimonial for City Glass of Tacoma

A Wonderful Addition to Our Deck and Home

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“We had been planning on remodeling our deck for years and I am so glad that my wife and I waited and then installed ClearView Railings from City Glass. Our home at 4701 North Huson in Tacoma, Washington is much more livable with the glass railings. It opens up our 1100 sq. ft. deck to the views and the light. Glass railings are even great for secluded views as opposed to panoramic views. My only original worry was that I would be cleaning the glass constantly (And I don’t do windows!), but that hasn’t happened. We have had our new glass railings installed for over six months and have yet to wash the glass. Fog and dew often cloud the glass overnight, but as soon as daylight comes, the glass is as clear and beautiful as it was the day before.”


“I simply cannot recommend ClearView Glass Railings from City Glass, enough. They are perfect for almost any railing opportunity.”
Don Doman